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OPEN DOOR LIBRARIES - We make resources available to explore the meaning of life and belief.

Prior to the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Christian thought and expression were suppressed for fifty years. Atheism became so deeply rooted that today it is a cultural norm where materialism and humanism flourish. Eastern Europe, like Western Europe, is apathetic or even hostile about God. Open Door Libraries provide opportunities for dialogue, places to foster relationships and programs to shift worldview.

In these locations OPEN DOOR LIBRARIES provides community learning centers with Christian libraries that offer a bright, welcoming environment filled with Christian books, media and other resources for adults and children. Along with a cup of coffee and friendly, caring staff it is a place where people of all ages can read, listen to CDs, relax, socialize, and investigate Christianity at their own pace, free from judgment or pressure. It is inspiring to see people discover God for the first time and experience the hope of the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our Goal and Unique Opportunity

OPEN DOOR LIBRARIES has as its primary goal to reach people with the gospel message. We provide venues that are non-threatening to people or even governments where people have access to Christian literature and the opportunity to interact with Christian people. No other organization provides outreach ministries within the context of a meeting place that is acceptable to all. ODL is truly unique in providing this ministry service. This can only happen as we ask for God's leading and provide the funding necessary to create environments in which others may come to know Christ.

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